The dream-logic labyrinth that is the Panopticon traps a new, ‘crossover’ character, the adventuress and archer who calls herself the Amazon Arrow (SELENE DRAKE) in its mind-bending maze of sex and violence.

Inexplicably erotically drawn to each other, Amazon Arrow and FearGirl (CYANNA) find themselves thrown together in a claustrophobic ordeal of doppelganger clones, mistaken identities, and the predatory cyborg called SPIDER.




AMAZON ARROW makes her first appearance in the Panopticon, her bow already drawn, her arrow pointed into darkness, her mind a blank as to who she is and how she got here.

She and FEARGIRL each meet an inhumanly-strong, sexually aggressive clone of the other, and are hand-gagged, heavily groped at breast and crotch, and drawn into seductive, overpowering forced kisses. The clones suddenly turn vicious, and the heroines are lucky to escape them.

It isn’t long before the clones are back, separating the two heroines, powerfully holding and groping them while chloroforming them into unconsciousness.

Amazon Arrow wakes, bound, alone, in another part of the Panopticon. As she groggily frees herself, she is confronted by her own clone, who rapid-fires arrows at her with brutal efficiency. She manages to block two of them but is eventually repeatedly struck, in the back, twice in the belly, in the breast and crotch. She collapses, seeming to die…


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PART TWO opens with the still-unconscious FEARGIRL being dragged deeper into the Panopticon by the clone AMAZON ARROW.

Out of seemingly nowhere appears SPIDER, snapping the powerful clone’s neck like a twig and beginning to cocoon the limp FearGirl. Before Spider can finish the task, it is struck through the head by a very familiar-looking silver arrow!

While Spider is temporarily incapacitated, FearGirl dazedly frees herself. But the cyborg quickly reboots and injects her in the butt with its paralyzing venom, and has soon completely cocooned her. By the time the real Amazon Arrow arrives, Spider is nowhere to be seen.

The heroine cockily blunders into Spider’s webbing, never imagining that its silky strands can hold and even further entangle her as she struggles to free herself. When Spider returns, Amazon Arrow is immobilized in its web, and Spider injects her in the breast with paralyzing venom.

Spider strips the two unconscious heroines naked and webs them together, a banquet to be savored as the cyborg begins to feed.


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MEET THE CLONES (an Excerpt)

A clip from the 60-min FearGirl epic FEARGIRL: MEET AMAZON ARROW, this video begins with FEARGIRL (Cyanna) and AMAZON ARROW (Selene Drake) wandering in the maze of the Panopticon, trying to understand where they are. They seem to meet each other, but soon it becomes clear that each of them has met an inhumanly-strong, sexually aggressive clone of the other. Both are hand-gagged, heavily groped on breasts and crotch, and finally pulled into intense erotic kissing by the clones. Until the clones suddenly turn vicious!

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FORCED TO SLEEP (an Excerpt)

In this clip from the biggest FearGirl episode so far (FEARGIRL: MEET AMAZON ARROW) FearGirl (CYANNA) and AMAZON ARROW (SELENE DRAKE) finds themselves separated in the endless maze of the Panopticon, and each is attacked by a perfect clone of the other, and white-ragged into sleep. Inhumanly strong, the clones are able to toy with the heroines as they force them to sleep, groping them heavily at breast and crotch, zipping down their costumes to roughly handle their nipples as the two heroines struggle and weaken. Ultimately, both are limp and being dragged away as the clip ends.

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In a clip from the epic FEARGIRL: MEET AMAZON ARROW, the sexy archer Amazon Arrow (Selene Drake) is seen limp and bound, somewhere in the mysterious Panopticon. She wakes and groggily escapes her bonds, to be confronted with a vicious identical clone of herself! She tries to focus, to retrieve her own bow and arrow, but the clone Amazon Arrow fires arrow after arrow into her, into her belly, her breast, and finally her crotch, and the real Amazon Arrow finally collapses in defeat, limp and lifeless, arrows still penetrating her breast and crotch.

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