FearGirl wakes in an unfinished, seemingly abandoned sector of The Panopticon. There she meets HALO, who seems to know her – though FearGirl, of course, has no memory of her. HALO tells her they are deep within the lair of SPIDER – half predator, half art project, a cyborg of superior strength, mobility and stealth, one of the many ‘experiments’ that stalk the labyrinth – and that they must find their way out together. Needless to say, that plan doesn’t go so well, and in the end, the two girls find only grisly violence and their own deaths…

FEARGIRL: LAIR OF SPIDER is 27 min of stalking, knife violence, flechette (dart) gun violence, strangulation, partial nudity, and hot girl-on-FearGirl action. A unique cocktail of sensations, more like a giallo than anything else on the FearGirl site.

Available at SHG MEDIA

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