FearGirl NIXI wakes in a room that looks ominously like O’s ‘pleasure chamber’, and lying next to her is a red-haired beauty (FearGirl ANOMIE) who looks ominously like herself. The two FearGirls struggle, and FearGirl Nixi is choked out and bound.

As a confused FearGirl Anomie considers her next move, the cruel-but-playful “O” arrives (SELENE DRAKE), KO’ing both FearGirls with her shock prod, binding them in obviously vulnerable positions, and having her wicked way with them. And just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse/better, the Minotaur appears, KO’ing O, binding her to one of her own contraptions, and activating his new toy, a sexually-invasive robotic arthropod, the SentriPede! You get the picture.

This video focuses on forced pleasure and KO’s, and both FearGirls and O suffer their fair share of indignities. All kinds of sexy, if you like this sort of thing…


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