FearGirl Starli wakes on the floor of a strange room, lit by candles, draped in plastic. A man in black, called Bellmer, has a girl called HALO (Nixi) bound, and he is brutally punishing her belly. FearGirl tries to stop him, but she is beaten down and knocked out. Bellmer uses a voodoo doll to torment Halo, and then seems to cast some sort of spell over her. When FearGirl wakens, Halo hangs unconscious in her bonds and Bellmer is gone. FearGirl releases Halo. As FearGirl looks around the room, Halo wakes, now spellbound by Bellmer, and knocks FearGirl out. When FearGirl again wakes, she is bound, and the spellbound Halo stands over her with the voodoo doll. Halo alternately torments Feargirl with the voodoo doll and pleasures her with her groping hands, until finally the combination is too much, and FearGirl again loses consciousness.



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