Mission Failed

“Mission Failed”
by Tilly Monster

Her mission was straightforward, she knew what she had to do. Valuable information was a short distance away, she had to stay low, retrieve the codec and make her way safely back to freedom outside the enemy walls. She’d done dozen of missions like this. But this time, she felt different. A knot in her stomach kept stopping her thoughts. She shook it off promptly and watched from behind the stock boxes. A large man: no doubt a high-ranking soldier walked to the inner core doors. Punching in a code, the very high-ranking code she had been waiting for.

She remained patient. She couldn’t rush herself even with the cloud of anxiety over her that was pushing her to hurry. She sleeked across the floor with a feline stealth. Delicately dotting in the code. Her eyes are met with green “clear” welcome. Perfect. One step closer to success, and continued survival.

She watched from the side of the door; it was clear. She walked through the hall. Seeing the large man at the end he wore a computerized helmet as his arms pressed and glided through the air in an intense cyber-space. Her luck was forever improving. She spun her gun from her holster and pointed to his head as she slowly stepped toward the unknowing man.

Shoot to kill, 3…2…1…Boom!!!

Black, she felt herself in another dimension, her body felt weightless…The stars felt close enough to touch. She felt at peace. But wait, wasn’t she doing something…Very important…

Why is she sleeping, she has to wake up! NOW!!

A bright light caught her eyes, blinding. She blinked away the pain as her head felt dizzy, as if she’d been stashed in a heavily painted room. Chemicals filled her nostrils and head.

Damn, it was a trap. She had to go NOW!

She tested her limbs but found that they were useless, tight rough rope bound her in a frog position. Wherever she pulled it tugged painfully somewhere else. ‘Damn’ Her mind scattered. ‘This is bad.’

By now, her eyes had finally adjusted, she had been moved into a strange container. The large man was writing down notes on a large folder paying her no mind he mumbled a few words she couldn’t make out to a soldier who paid her a quick glance then left the room. She gathered her voice to demand his actions be explained. But her nose passed only a slight “MNN!” Her mouth had been taped tightly shut and something heavily stuffed her mouth, a sharp cold draft on her womanhood enlightened as to what exactly had been stuffed in her mouth.

“Ah, you’re awake” The man placed the files down, still giving her no eye contact, merely picking up a large pair of scissors. “Now, I can continue…” His footsteps echoed as he walked towards her. She squirmed but it proved futile. She was helpless, and all she could do was await her fate. “They call me The Dead,” he said.

Her grabbed at her tight leather and pulled her close.

“I wanted you to be awake for this…”

The scissor slid and searched her body. She remained silent. She couldn’t give him the satisfaction of fear.


Her large breast bulged out of the holes in her leather. She stared deeply into the man’s eyes, she had to remain strong. But this only encouraged him, he became excited, she was going to be a fun one to break.

“You’re a brave one, coming here alone…” She let out a deep sigh frowning deeply continuing to stare down the man in control of her body.

Snip. More gaps allowing her perfect flesh to reveal itself.

His other hand poked and prodded at her vulnerabilities, searching the sinews of her body. What ever he was doing it was working, she shuddered and squirmed away from his touch.

He grinned wickedly.

The scissors searched again, she had to remain strong. But wait, no… Not there, anywhere. That’s mine!

The scissors searched between her legs. He carefully slid the blade into her tights, her maidenhood bulging against the fishnet, her cheeks grew warm, she looked away. She couldn’t bear it any more. ‘Don’t look at me!’ She instinctively yelped leaving her mouth in only muffled pleads.

A single finger pulled at the fishnet tights. The only things standing in between Feargirl’s dignity and this beast of a man.



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