From her first appearance in FEARGIRL: Dollmaker, HALO has been a hard character to pin down. The “Dollmaker”, Belmer, has her bound and is savagely beating her, when FearGirl comes upon them. Is he just softening HALO up for what is to come? Or punishing her for an earlier transgression? Belmer ends up mind-controlling HALO, using her as a puppet to torment FearGirl. In FEARGIRL: Lair Of Spider, HALO again turns on FearGirl, after teaming up with her and seducing her. In HALO: The Sacrifice, HALO finds herself in a sector of the Panopticon where she clearly does not belong. She is knocked out, stripped, and prepared for a seemingly terrible fate. In HALO: Destroyed, the episode begins with her already engulfed in a Cloaker, so once again it seems she was somewhere she shouldn’t have been. In the story Take Their Breath Away, HALO finds herself a target in one of “O”‘s cruel games, allied by happenstance with FearGirl and Girl X. And in the story FEARGIRL by Deadgirl, HALO seems like an interchangeable chess piece in a dream, playing fantasy parts cast by a trickster games-master. In an upcoming video episode, there is a clue that maybe HALO was brought into the Panopticon from the outside world, as part of a much bigger experiment. But why?