FEARGIRL.COM and The Panopticon are A SHARED SETTING AND CAST OF CHARACTERS for stories, scripts, and visual works.

This page concerns SUBMITTING YOUR OWN WORK to FearGirl.com.

PLEASE READ the ABOUT page before you submit work.

PLEASE SPEND SOME TIME WITH THE WORKS ALREADY POSTED on FearGirl.com before you submit work; there is infinite possibility for innovation and originality here, but those works will help you visualize the world of The Panopticon as it is creatively growing and evolving.

PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CONTACT ME directly about your idea, if you are unsure about its suitability, or have any questions about the material.

UNDERSTAND, WHEN YOU SUBMIT A WORK to FearGirl.com, that if it is accepted, it becomes the “shared creative property” of all the other potential collaborators and contributors to the site. It becomes part of the story-world. If you don’t want that, PLEASE DON’T SUBMIT WORK.


Read the ABOUT page for a description of FEARGIRL, The Panopticon story-world, and the current Cast Of Characters (feel free to make more!).


A FEARGIRL work must have FEARGIRL in it. (There could be exceptions, I guess. It could be an image of another character from an already-posted image or text within FEARGIRL.com. Or it might be an image, diagram, or blueprint of a new ‘gadget’ or area. I would review anything like that on a case-by-case basis.)

A FEARGIRL work must be set within The Panopticon. (The possibilities are vast, but there is no visualized “outside world” in this project.)

A FEARGIRL Story or Script MUST begin with FEARGIRL waking in an unfamiliar setting, and end with her Death, Unconsciousness, or her being swallowed in Darkness. (This is so that any and all Stories & Scripts & Videos can be read or viewed in any order, and because the scenario is built on dream-like repetition.)

A FEARGIRL work must adhere to the basic visual idea and design of the character – RED HAIR, and primarily RED & BLACK CLOTHING and GEAR. (Unique visual interpretations of FEARGIRL, her gear and costume, and the world of The Panopticon are GREATLY ENCOURAGED. Retro, Goth, Steampunk, Cyberpunk, and other Alternative Styles could be fantastic!)

(I’m sure other there will be other “Rules” that emerge and evolve as the project begins to grow. But the parameters mentioned above are the only hardline limits I can think of right now. So CHALLENGE ME with your imagination…)

I look forward to hearing from you.

steve noir