The adventurer Kay Largo (PERSEPHONE), always hunting for salvage as she searches for an escape route out of The Panopticon, triggered a nerve gas booby-trap and slipped into unconsciousness somewhere in the labyrinth. When she wakes, she is somewhere else entirely, in a fighting pit where, for the entertainment of the Elite, she must battle the combat android Shrell (JOSIE). Kay Largo is a striker, mercilessly effective with fists, knees, elbows, and kicks. She also has a brutal scissor-hold. Shrell is a grappler, specializing in chokes and smothers, but her secret weapon is low blows – always-unexpected punches, kicks, knees, and stomps. The combat in this video goes back and forth, but Kay Largo eventually succumbs to the chokes, smothers, and low blows, finally finished with a crotch stomp that lays her out for good.

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