The mysterious Girl X has seemingly appeared from nowhere, hellbent on bringing down The Panopticon – and the war begins now. In the living forest beneath the false-sky dome, Girl X takes out a series of The Panopticon’s beautiful but inexperienced clone sentries, using an HOM/choke combination, a knife-hand strike and neck-snap, and a sentry’s own stun weapon. But The Panopticon sends more powerful adversaries against her, and it isn’t long before the silent GLADE and the brutal NUL have beaten, electro-whipped, and subdued Girl X. She wakens in a basement interrogation chamber. But this is no interrogation. GLADE and NUL are only concerned with breaking her, body and spirit. This video features Sentry Disposal x 3, an Electro-Whipping, and a merciless AOH Beating with bare fists and the skillful NUL’s tonfa. (23 Minutes)


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