In a combination of the episodes NURSE and BAD AIR, FearGirl Star sleeps, bound and ball-gagged, in a sealed windowless room. She struggles to breathe – the air seems to be thinning, or going toxic. When she wakes, she is no longer bound. Is this real?

A nurse (Starli) comes in, wearing a respirator. Nurse Starli injects her with a powerful substance, and FearGirl slips into a pleasurable trance, stimulated, touching herself. The Nurse is mesmerized, begins to touch FearGirl, and herself. Both become more and more stimulated, until finally the Nurse stops herself. She then sedates FearGirl with some sort of gas…

FearGirl wakes, bound and ball-gagged once again. Was that all a dream? She struggles to breathe. She struggles to escape the room. But it is too late. she is too weak, and finally succumbs.

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