Shot by a guest cameraman, edited by a guest editor, FEARGIRL: TARGETS is the most cinematic FearGirl episode yet. FearGirl twice wakes in a strange room filled with echoes and white light. Each time, she is supplied with a weapon. And each time, she is supplied with targets. She strangles an armed huntress who was clearly hunting her, but then she is shot with a dart and strangled out with her own garrote. This second huntress strips her to her underwear and leaves her with a knife, giving her a second chance in a vicious knife fight. FearGirl is stabbed twice, then heavily groped as the huntress toys with her. Finally stabbed in the breast, FearGirl lies in a pool of her own blood. FearGirl wakes again, this time with a dart gun of her own. She shoots one huntress in the breast, then in the head, and begins to look for the second. Both FearGirl and the second huntress are wounded in a flurry of darts, but FearGirl’s wounds are more serious. She is darted in the stomach, the side, and the thigh. The second huntress stalks her across the bloody floor, darting her in the back and finally in the breast. Once again, FearGirl succumbs in a pool of her own blood… FEARGIRL: TARGETS features many dart wounds, multiple stab wounds, heavy groping, limp stripping, a strangle KO and a strangle kill.

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