FearGirl Star wakes sprawled in a shower, wrapped in a towel. Where is she? Is this before she found herself in the Panopticon, or after, or is she there now? She steps unsteadily out, and laid neatly on a bed in front of her she sees her FearGirl costume. She has no memory of it, or this place, but she puts it on.

Out of thin air behind her appears STRANG (XLCR Moon), her hands forcefully, sensually groping FearGirl’s breasts and crotch, until she expertly chokes FearGirl out.

FearGirl wakes on the bed, legs spread, bound and ball-gagged, Strang standing over her with a knife. Strang climbs on top of her, and begins to caress her inner thighs with the blade, but this is not going to end with caresses…



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