FearGirl In The Panopticon

It is as though she lives inside a lonely, paranoid dream. Or a torture chamber, or an abandoned, locked funhouse, or a simulation run by the insane. Maybe she does. She seems to be getting messages from others; what to do, how to survive, where to go to find clues. But they always seem to be traps, always lead to betrayal. Or they’re blind alleys, sudden dead ends, the walled-off limits of some sort of containment. People are stalking her, surveilling her, seducing her, drugging her, interrogating her, torturing her. She is murdered, over and over, and finds herself alive again with only the vaguest recollection of her death. Nothing is too weird to happen here – is it all theater, all a deception, all an infernal, senseless device, made to test her, drive her mad, guide her through someone’s dark fantasies? The answer, of course, is YES.

A nameless heroine, with no back story, inhabits a dream-logic labyrinth in an ongoing series of fantasies, perils, and erotic encounters. Each begins with our FEARGIRL waking into a dream-like/nightmarish scenario. Each ends with our FEARGIRL dying, or sinking into unconsciousness, or being swallowed in darkness… Only to wake again, in another unknown chamber or quadrant of The Panopticon.

This is the only record of all that has happened to her.

Make of it what you will.

The Panopticon is an idea 3D-printed, a device. It is a closed system, a self-sustaining habitat, but without a map or blueprint, without history or politics. It might be underground, or in space, or underwater. It might be virtual.
“But the Panopticon must not be understood as a dream building: it is the diagram of a mechanism of power, reduced to its ideal form…”
-Michel Foucalt DISCIPLINE & PUNISH 1977